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What is the power system?

Power network:
     A unified system of substations of various voltages and transmission and distribution lines in a power system.
Power Systems:
     A unity consisting of electrical parts in power plants, various types of substations, transmission and distribution lines, and various types of electrical equipment, as well as relay protection and safety automatic devices required to ensure the proper operation of these facilities, Metering devices, power communication facilities, power grid dispatching automation facilities, etc. are called power systems.
Power plant: producing electricity.
Power network: Transform voltage and transmit power. It consists of a substation and a power line.
Power distribution system: The power of the system is transmitted to the power user.
Power users: The rated voltage of high voltage users is above 1kV, and the rated voltage of low voltage users is below 1kV.
Electrical equipment: consumes electrical energy.
power system:
     On the basis of the power system, the power part of the power plant (such as boilers of steam power plants, steam turbines and hydropower plants, turbines, reactors of nuclear power plants, etc.) is included in the system.
Usually, the line that sends power from the power plant to the load center is called the transmission line.
△ The line from the load center to each user is called the distribution line.
△ The load center is generally set up as a substation.
Transmission network: It consists of transmission lines above 35KV and substations connected to it. Its function is to transfer electric energy to distribution networks in various regions or directly to large enterprise users.
Distribution network: It consists of distribution lines and distribution transformers of 10KV and below. Its function is to send electric energy to various users. The voltages of 3KV, 6KV, and 10KV are generally referred to as distribution voltages.


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