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Secondary circuit classification

Secondary circuit classification

The wiring diagram and terminal block diagram on the back of the screen must indicate where the wires come from and where to prevent the wrong wires from being connected. In China, the "relative numbering method" is widely used. For example, the two terminals A and B need to be connected by wires, then the number of the B terminal is marked next to the A terminal, and the number of the A terminal is marked next to the B terminal; if one terminal needs Lead out two wires, then mark the two terminal numbers to be connected next to it.

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1. According to the function of secondary circuit: control circuit:

Signal circuit:

Measurement monitoring circuit:

Relay protection and automatic device:

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Regulation circuit:

Synchronous circuit:

Operating power:

2. Divided by development stage:

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Decentralized control in place. Set up independent control loops for each controlled object, one-to-one control at the equipment installation site. This control method is simple and easy to implement, but it is not convenient for the coordination and cooperation between each unit and equipment. It is suitable for small power plants and substations.

Centralized control. Set up a central control room (also called the main control room) in the power plant or substation to transmit power to the main electrical equipment of the whole plant (such as synchronous generators, main transformers, high-voltage plant transformers, 35kV and above) Lines, etc.) Implement remote centralized control. When centralized control is used, the corresponding relay protection and automatic devices are also installed in the central control room, which can save cables, facilitate commissioning and maintenance, and improve operational safety.