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Development of busbar copper row switchgear

The development of switchgear in China is relatively slow. Compared with foreign countries, it is better than starting.
Late. After decades of development, we have achieved certain results, from the initial
Imitation of Su began to later imitate European and American products, through the introduction and study of foreign technology
Technology, independently developed a switchgear suitable for China's power system. With technology
Progress, there are a variety of different switchgear, which is currently the most widely used on the market.
The switchgear is a KYN28 mid-mounted handcart cabinet that can be used in a variety of different ways.
Occasionally, the processing technology of the switchgear has also undergone great changes. Now
Most of them use CNC machine tools to process switchgear, and the technical level has improved a lot. near
In the past 10 years, China's high-voltage switchgear has made great progress, and the amount of operation has increased.
Plus, the city's newly installed 126 ~ 252kV circuit breaker and 12 ~ 40.5kV switch
The electric appliance has gradually been replaced by sF switching appliances. With the development of science and technology,
A variety of metal-enclosed switchgears have emerged, driving power switch settings
Prepare for vigorous development. At the same time, with the construction of urban and rural power grids,
One step to develop China's high and low voltage switchgear.
Insulation technology is crucial in switchgear, its main function is
Realize the insulation, isolation, control, shielding and protection functions of the switchgear. At present, the development of switchgear is very concerned, both to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the equipment, but also to make the switchgear miniaturized. According to the price statistics of high-voltage switchgear in Japan, the insulation structure accounts for 48% of the total price.
Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the cost from the insulation structure, and also to ensure the insulation performance.


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